Amish Country Fabric Shopping

Last week I spent three days in Lancaster county, Pennsylvania with my family. I love browsing all the quilt shops, and it’s always good for me to be reminded of the Amish way of life, which is to simplify and slow down.

I had the chance to visit four excellent fabric shops: the Old Country Store, Zook’s, the Quilt and Fabric Shack, and Weaver’s Dry Goods. My favorite is the Old Country Store in Intercourse (love the name of that town!), where I picked up some gray-and-white prints by V. and Co. and browsed the museum/gift shop upstairs. I appreciated that the book section included some modern titles, including Urban Views by Cherri House.

Next, I crossed the street to Zook’s, which has an excellent selection of solids. I picked up an unusual deep purple by Kona (Midnight, perhaps?).

The Quilt and Fabric Shop is in the adjacent town of Bird-in-Hand. The Amish gentleman running the store was very friendly to my 5-year-old son, which was nice. I had just a quick visit here, but I did manage to buy some Kona gray (I’m on a gray kick lately).

Weaver’s Dry Goods in Lititz was the fourth shop and one I highly recommend, not least because the Wilbur Chocolate Museum is located downtown and they give out free samples! Weaver’s has a huge selection of fabrics on multiple floors, including sale fabrics in the light-filled basement that can be had for as little as .98 cents a yard if you purchase the end of a bolt. I bought a beautiful shade of Kona green — Jade, I think — and would have bought more of everything had the budget allowed it.


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