Parisian Market Tote


I’m blogging today about the first bag I’ve ever made.  It was inspired by a free online pattern available from here. The two text prints are home decorating fabrics that I found at Zimman’s, a fantastic independent fabric store in Lynn, Massachusetts. The lining is Kona cotton in cream (if I remember correctly), and the bag handles are cotton webbing.

I made a few modifications to the pattern: I used the webbing for the handles rather than strips of the text fabric and I used regular quilting batting for the body of the bag rather than Timtex (this resulted in a somewhat floppy feeling to the sides). Still, I love the text prints and the dimensions of the bag — its relatively large size makes it ideal for stowing lots of stuff. I’m calling it my Parisian Market Tote as a nod to the exterior fabric and as an expression of my hope that I get to go back to Paris someday.


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