Joy Pillow


From the moment I saw Debbie Grifka’s Joy Pillow in the 2013-2014 Holiday issue of Quilting Arts Gifts, I knew I wanted to add it to my to-do list, partly because I have always admired the work Debbie posts at Esch House Quilts. Its elegant simplicity spoke to me. Debbie made hers in a sophisticated tan-and-white combination. I love the color red, especially around the holidays, so I decided to use red and white. 


I began the pillow in November 2013 and am finishing it up five months later. I feel a little sheepish to admit how long it took, but in my defense I will say it isn’t the only project I worked on in this period. Still, though, I originally thought I could have this pillow done for Christmas, and when that didn’t happen, I figured the color combination would make it ideal for a Valentine’s pillow. Now I’m thinking I could call it a Fourth of July pillow if I propped it up against a blue background!   

All kidding aside, I made a few changes to Debbie’s pattern. Her pillow measures 16” x 26”, while mine is about 10” x 15”. She used a zipper to close the back, while I used a simple envelope closure. 


Despite my tinkering with the pattern, I love both the design and the message of the pillow. Thanks, Debbie!


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