First Finish for 2015 — Flying Geese

quilt triangles


My first finish for the new year is based on a pattern by Andie Johnson in the book she wrote with Kelly Biscopink: Modern Designs for Classic Quilts.

I like the pink-and-purple color combination so much that I wish I could keep the quilt. (It’s meant to be a gift.)


I’m pleased with the scrappy binding; it was my first time trying to make one.


geese quilt front


I had to re-do part of the binding because one of the corners looked terrible and my impromptu repair efforts only made things worse. (I guess I should have known that taking scissors to the binding usually doesn’t result in anything good.) Fortunately, I figured out how to re-do the section without taking off the rest of the binding. Don’t ask me how long it took to figure that out, though.

It was fun to pick out prints for the triangles. The pastel polka dots and the leaf pattern are two of my favorites (although I actually love all of them):


On the front, I quilted loop-de-loops, and on the back I used a floral print.




One quick note about Andie’s pattern: the triangle template she provides in her book is too big. A corrected version can be found at her web site here.

It was great to make this quilt, and now that it’s finished I’m a little bit at loose ends. Time to jump into a new project!


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