A Plethora of Pouches

1st pouch

Although I didn’t do a lot of sewing this summer, I’m proud of what I did make — three fabric pouches.

I started making the first (with the red flowered fabric, above) while taking a quilting class at my local quilt store, but when the class ended and the pouch wasn’t finished, I had to figure out how to finish it on my own.

Thanks to many viewings of some youtube tutorials on how to box corners (see here and here), I finished the first pouch.

Then I did a second. You can see that it makes a nice home for Curly Top (my son’s stuffed bunny).

2nd pouch, w cT

And here’s the third.

3rd pouch

My pouches have a 100% cotton print on the bottom and a linen/cotton solid on the top. I mimicked the fabric selections used in Vanessa Christenson’s color block pouches pattern (available here). She includes directions for three sizes. I’ve made the large and medium sizes, but not the smallest.

I lined two of the pouches in a solid Kona cream. The third (the blue-green seashore print) uses a solid Kona blue.

Although I didn’t finish a quilt this summer, I’m thrilled with these pouches. For a long time, I’d admired Vanessa’s pattern and wanted to make my own.

Here’s hoping that everyone had fun making things this summer!


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